Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Wish I Were a Rocadidle

I wish I were a Rocadidle, for happy I would be,
for Rocadidles are the swankest guys that one has ever seen.

They have the features of a croc, combined with the rhino's style,
the magic unicorn's persona, and the charm of a monkey's smile.

If I were a Rocadidle, I'd play the craziest tunes.
I'd wear my bug-eyed sunny shades, and rock out with my spoons.

I'd sing silly songs like, "Sunlight Spaz" and spooky ones like "Swampy Seas".
I'd sing for noodles of all ages, they'd call me the Bees Knees!

They say that every Rocadidle, knows exactly what to say.
When you are feeling down and blue, they always save the day.

Some days I would wear a cape to show my heroic grace,
and swoop on in to save the soul and put happiness back in place.

I wish I were a Rocadidle, so happy and so free.
One day, I'll be that Rocadidle. Would you like to be one with me?