Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Head Hurts

My head hurts.
    I like this shirt.
         It's 5:09,
              this computer is not mine.
                    I wanna play COD.
                          I miss my iPod.
                                This day is too long, like the longest song.
                                         Tonight I have jazz,
                                               ... I really hate jazz.
                                                          I like this blogs style,
                                                                 it could probably go for miles,
                                                                           but we use kilometers here.
                                                                                    Now watch me disappear.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is an Outrage

Yea know what is deceiving?
On a package of Mentos Fruit they have yellow, pink, orange, AND green mentos,
but inside there are only yellow, pink, and orange.
NO green.

What is this? 

Omigod You Guys

I just spent all afternoon watching "Legally Blonde: The Musical", and I'd have to say it's been one of the best afternoons I have spent in a while.
I made the room all dark and everything just to make it feel like I was in an actual theatre, and it surprisingly worked!
It makes my passion for Broadway become bigger than what it already is, and now I want to be Pauletta.

Paulette: "Oh my go - The new UPS guy is like walkin' porn"

Friday, March 12, 2010


Sometimes I think to myself,
If I wasn't here, where would I be?  What would I be?
Would I be a boy or a girl?
How tall would I be? Or maybe I would be short.
Would I speak a different language, like Japanese, Swedish, or Greek?
Maybe I will speak all three.
What talents would I have? Or, would I have any talents at all?
Would I live at the highest point of the earth, or the hottest place of the world,
maybe surrounded by a tropical forest, or dead centre of a chaotic city?
Who would I know? What would I do?
Where would I hang out, or where would I never leave?

But what if I wasn't human, but an animal?
What animal would I be?
Would I be at the top of the food chain, or at the bottom?
How long would I live?
Would I still be able to dream? What would I dream about?
Would I live on my own, or with a group of my kind?
Would I be able to realize what I was?

Or what if I was neither human nor animal, but a tree?
What part of the world would I exist in?
What kind of tree?
Would I be able to think? Would I have any thoughts at all?
Would I be something beautiful to look at, or a nuisance to everyone and would want to be cut down?
Would I be noticed, or forgotten?

Who am I now?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's a Windy Day in Toyland

Hey sister girl of mine,
when you come around here this place really shines.
you make me wanna write your name on every line,
but that is what this chorus is going to defiiiiine!

You are
Emma, Emma! Emma-lemma-lemma.
Emma, EMMA! Wemma bemma kemma lem lemma.
Emma Ius.

Remember that time when I borrowed all your clothes?
And there was also the shoes and the hair stuff....
Remember when you lived here, and not down at Queens?
or maybe it's up at Queens....
but who really gives a sh...

(guitar stops)
Vanessa: Hey, can I be apart of this song?

 ...go play with Madeline or something.....

Vanessa: *sigh* Your so unfair! Oh, LUV YOU ANNA!

(guitar plays again)

You are
Emma , Emma! Emma-lemma-lemma,
Emma, EMMA! Wemma bemma kemma lem lemma,
Emma Ius.

You mean so much to me you know,
and never ever wanna let you go,
And I just want to say so it is so,



You are
Emma, Emma! Emma-lemma-lemma
Emma, EMMA! Wemma bemma kemma lem lemma
Emma Ius

Emma Ius, sister of mine :) <3

Vanessa: Oh, LUV U 2 EMMA!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Friend Morgan

I've got this friend named Morgan,
And there are really no words in the entire universe that could describe how great she is!
Only this picture can tell it all :)

I Love Morgan Coffey! <3

OMG you guys calm down, we're not lesbians!

I wonder...