Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Adventures of Banjo and Friends

Me and my dog, Banjo, have been on a search all afternoon for my writer's folder.
I'm in dying need of some poems for my blog, and some of my good ones are in this very folder.

It WAS on my floor in front of my mirror, but my mom cleaned up my floor so it is now M.I.A.
And the fact that she is gone all day doesn't help me.
Banjo really hasn't been doing his part very well.  He's been able to chew up my cover-up bottle as well as get it all over the carpet (what a goon!), we have to take pee breaks every 30 minutes, and he just looks at me with complete confusion as to why I am making him help me look for this folder when he is just going to tear it to shreds the moment he lays eyes on it anyways.


Despite the loss of this writers folder, I've been able to find my OUAC password (WOOO!) as well as this book of Doisneau's photography that my friend steph gave to me. so it's been a successful adventure is some ways more than others.
"Adventure, is a wonderful thing!"

No Bagel

I am really craving a blueberry bagel right now.
Cream cheese. MMmmmmmmm
If someone where to pick me up right now and take me to the nearest Tim Hortons or grocery store I would be the happiest person in the world