Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Comfort To Know

I love how the snow makes the night so much brighter
reflecting off the moon.
With each glistening flake, they light up the sky
that covers a world so cold and dry
yet so beautiful.
It's as if the moon and the snow are working together
to shed a little light on your gloomy situation
where your thoughts run through your head
and your worries take over;
they got your back.
They remind you that it's okay
and that you don't need to worry,
for a brighter day is just hours away.
But for now
They're doing the best they can.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Stranger I Never Knew

Deeper into the night
We talk about our lives, where we came from
And as we grow tired and wary
Our limbs begin to entwine.
Our legs,
Our hands,
And by the morning you become the stranger I never knew.

Recite and Repeat

I have to grab the flab on my body to remind myself it's hibernation season,
To remind myself to sleep for as long as possible,
To avoid contact until warmer seasons.
These hands are cold from bearing the burden of desire;
This scar is a result of such.

I learn nothing.

I keep making the same mistake again and continue to grab the same skin,
Hoping it will get better in warmer seasons.