Saturday, May 26, 2012

Something I Forgot to Publish Two Months Ago

Today was a "Let's-contradict-everything-in-my-life" kind of day.

I decided not to go to mandatory classes today.  I felt like shit anyways, so there.
But instead I trekked up to York Mills to go with my friend to her orthodontist appointment.
And it was there I had an epiphany.
I want to be an editorialist.
Screw making a prop list and sound cues for %10 (currently what I am trying to avoid doing at 4:16am),
I want to write about how things make me feel for %10

Also, I stopped eating. It was weird.
I had no appetite all day. I bought lunch around lunch time because it felt necessary.
Two bites in, full.
Victoria Ius,
eater of about absolutely anything that is put infront of me,
Like I said,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You is Only a 3 Letter Word.

Your wit astounds me.
You are so clever,
You know everything, so you must be clever.
You know everything about me.  Hell, you know more about me than I do,
You know how to use sarcasm to the point where others laugh along.
I laughed at it too.
Always did, and always will.
You know how to run things, how to control things.
You know what is right and wrong, and you know where I'm better off.
You decided where things were going to go,
or should I say end,
so you must know.

You know,
for the longest time I thought you were always right.
But you had it all wrong.
Always did, and always will.

Thursday, May 3, 2012