Saturday, May 26, 2012

Something I Forgot to Publish Two Months Ago

Today was a "Let's-contradict-everything-in-my-life" kind of day.

I decided not to go to mandatory classes today.  I felt like shit anyways, so there.
But instead I trekked up to York Mills to go with my friend to her orthodontist appointment.
And it was there I had an epiphany.
I want to be an editorialist.
Screw making a prop list and sound cues for %10 (currently what I am trying to avoid doing at 4:16am),
I want to write about how things make me feel for %10

Also, I stopped eating. It was weird.
I had no appetite all day. I bought lunch around lunch time because it felt necessary.
Two bites in, full.
Victoria Ius,
eater of about absolutely anything that is put infront of me,
Like I said,

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