Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Think It Was The Red Hair Dye

You know that feeling of walking around naked in your house?
I've had that feeling permanently for a week now.
On top of everything that's been happening, I have finally found this feeling of liberation.
I've also grown this confidence in myself.
I feel like I can do anything!
I'm sure this feeling will wear off once I try to fly off my roof!
      (That one was for cheap laughs. I'm sorry)
But in all honesty I am at my happiest right now.
I'm getting back into my old routines,
I'm eating better,
I'm working out again,
My happier song playlists are seeing the light of day again,
and I've got nobody holding me back.
      Anyone who was I have accepted what they've done and erased their unimportance from my life.
Everything is starting to fall back in place.
I'm becoming me again.

I like me.
Me is good.
Me is my friend.
Me is very happy.

And because I am utterly OBSESSED with this woman, I will end this with one of her songs.


  1. ohh my best friend, you have no idea how happy this post made me! I love you!