Sunday, September 11, 2011

When Life Gives You Epidermis...

      I have not posted for a very long time, and this is due to moving into rez and becoming an official university student.

      University, the point in my life which I thought would never come.  And let me tell you, living in the city has never been so satisfying.

      The people that I see on the streets is almost remarkable, since I would never see anyone so outrageous on the streets of my hometown, and if we did it would be a rare phenomenon.  I have seen Jesus twice, and his many followers everyday.  I have also met batman, an angel, and a living statue that always has pigeon shit on his shoulder.  I have seen the  man who stands silently and when you get close shoots his hand up and yells, "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".  I have seen street dancers and street performers and the bums and the rich and basically every spectrum of the social ladder.

      But out of all of these people, no one and I mean NO ONE comes as close as my neighbour across the the street.  I do not know his name, however, I have been calling him Simon.  So anyways, I first saw Simon on my second day here.  I was innocently checking my facebook, seeing how my friends were doing back home, when for some unknown reason I decided to look out the window.  There straight ahead, between the tiki torches and the numerous fake plants on this porch was Simon's bare keister.
      It was just out there and in the open for all to see (or just my eyes since we are 14 stories up).  At first I didn't realize what this meant until he turned around and saw a lot more than what an at-the-time 17 year-old girl should see from a 70 year-old man (where is the "viewer's discretion is advised"guy when you need him!), and it wasn't until he came out in his birthday suit again the next day that I realized Simon is a nudist, or very much likes being in the nude.

      I quite enjoy all of it really.  It's funny!  Like, who else can say that they have a real-life ugly naked guy living across from them!

"Hey check it out.  Ugly Naked Guy's got a naked friend."
"Omigod.  That's our friend.  It's naked Ross."

~ Joey and Rachel, Friends

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