Monday, November 12, 2012

The Song Does Not Exist

The song does not exist.
I've looked for it everywhere, searched every lyric,
every note,
every message it delivered.
It was a sign that you were once existant in flesh, and now all you could give was this song, a sign of symbolic comfort.
And as suddenly as it came, it also disappeared.
Because I have searched and cried and have grown flustered and lost,
For this song does not exist.
And I wish it did.
I wish I could have it forever, hold it close to my heart, etch it into the center of every beat.
Maybe it is no longer relevant,
Or maybe it's more than that.  Maybe I pushed it away,
Grew out of my naive nature and became a person who you never knew, and never want to meet.
Maybe I have self deprived myself of the one thing that kept me grounded.

The song does not exist,
Because the girl you knew doesn't exist either.

That song belongs to her.

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