Monday, May 27, 2013

For My Personal Amusement

"You deleted me off Facebook! (sounds offended)"
"Yea, I did. You also unfollowed me on Twitter."
"Yea, because your tweets are stupid and extremely annoying."

"Do you have anything you have to ask me?"
I sit there, wondering why I'm listening to this lecture in the first place, "Uhm... nope, I have nothing to ask you."
"(Gives me a look of denial) Are you sure? Don't you wanna know why I dumped you?"

"You have a lot of insecurities and no self-confidence in yourself.  Believe me, I know. It's not the reason why I broke-up with you, but it is."

"You see, (notions to his malnourished body) I went through this... health curve. And (notions to my body), well... you didn't."

And my favourite quote of the night:

"Okay, seriously though, why do you think I'm an asshole?"