Friday, July 9, 2010

Rain rain, come to stay

It's raining outside, and I love it.

Usually I'm not a #1 fan for precipitaion, but today I love it.
And I'll tell you why,
it has been extreeeeeemely hot outside,
no no, unbarably hot outside,
and this rain is cooling off everthing, from the humidity to my patience.
Thank you rain!

Also, because of the down pour, I am instead going to see Toy Story 3 rather than swimming (I just got my hair cut this morning and it smells and looks all pretty so yea, don't want to, how do you say, ruin it).

Rain rain, come to stay,
you make the heat waves go away.
With love I would like to say,
thank you rain for this lovely day.


  1. agreeeeed. but its still kind of hot out. D:

  2. What a fascinating blog! I signed up to follow.
    Your style and poetry are refreshing and original. Stop by my place for a slice of pie.

  3. ^ I like this
    oh and this ^ comment