Friday, November 12, 2010

Well, This Is Embarrassing...

  For some reason I have the urge to drink coffee. I hate coffee.  Why I have this sudden urge, I could not tell you. It's so bitter and whatnot, but that's why I crave it!  And it's absolutely freezing in my house, and a nice warm coffee would definitely do the trick.  My house doesn't even own coffee.  My parents always go to Timmies to get their daily dose of caffeine.  But Timmies is too far of a walk, and I don't have my G1 yet.

  There's another thing; I don't have my G1 yet.  I've had a whole year to go do that, and all it is is a simple test.  That's it!  No getting in a car and having to drive around Guelph with a Middle Eastern man who hardly speaks a word of English, just a written-on-paper test that is (apparently) easy to pass.  My boyfriend said as soon as he gets his G2 he's driving me to get my G1.  I hope he does, cause I don't think I'm going to get it any sooner.

  GOO GOO GA GA I'm so cold.  I am currently wearing leggings, woolly socks, track pants, slippers, long sleeve shirt, massive sweater, and mittens.  Oh, and I'm inside my house.  My dad believes in saving energy, you see. We've been doing this "One Tonne Challenge" (oh jeez, don't even get me started on that) thing since I was in grade 6.  All I can remember of it is the commercial with Rick Mercer saying, "Can you take the One Tonne Challenge?".  To answer your question, Rick, yes, I can.  But I'd have to say it's bloody damn cold.

  Look at me ranting.  I'll stop for your sake.


  1. whats the one tonne challenge?
    i don't have my G1 either! and i hate coffee, no matter how much i want to love it. :P

  2. It's this challange that the government of canada started to conserve energy, its from 2006 or something, but my dad still likes to do it :P
    and this spoof is all I can find of it on youtube, just imagine its Rick Mercer and then it's kinda funny, heheheh

    And I had coffee today, except I put hot chocolate in it so it would taste better :P