Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Life Right Meow

My brain is a confuffle of mush
(that is not a word, however, in my mush of a brian it is).

I changed my design again.  I think my last look was a lot of me taking out my anger on my blog and I am sorry for that.  The cosmic, pre-teen look was badass, don't get me wrong. But this simple look is more... easier on the mind.  Makes me less stressed.


A few problems,
I have no where to live as of the beginning of this school year,
I don't have enough money to live anywhere,
I wish that my ex would grow up,
and to top it all off, I've been a PMSing anti-social bitch who's been stuffing chocolate in her face for the past three weeks.
I have swallowed more tea than the fair trade company could ever trade in a lifetime, and I have started to take White Girl Problem's blog way too seriously.

I just wish that someone would shake every worry off of me and tell me everything is going to be alright.
I know it will be, it always is.
It's just sometimes that reassurance from someone else is all it takes to believe it.

I also need my eyes to uncross. It's not a very chic look.



  1. my ex won't be my friend either haha. but i don't want to be friends with people who break up with you in a text then refuse to ever see you again in person.

    1. WOW I wouldn't want to friends with them either, how immature! This isn't grade 6 anymore! I don't even think anyone had a cellphone when we were in grade 6 but, you know what I mean ahaha