Friday, August 31, 2012

All The Small Things (In No Particular Order)

1. Waking up and there being coffee hot and ready for you
2. The sound of an orchestra warming up
3. The love a person shares with their pet
4. Being kissed on the forehead
6. Accomplishing something no one thought you could do
7. Wiping the morning goop from out of your eyes
8. Finding notes that you forgot existed
9. Floating underwater
10. NyQuil
11. Being sassy to people for no reason
12. The bridge of your favourite song
13. The superstition of the "unlucky" 13
14. When you ask someone for a piece of gum and they give it to you
15. When people remember little details about you when you've only mentioned it once
16. Cotton swabs.  Seriously I can't live without them.
17. When you buy something and didn't realize it was on sale until the cashier told you
18. Putting body lotion on
19. Sneaking my feet under the person beside me's bum when we're sitting on the couch
20. Popping pimples
21. Drinking a smoothie and it being absolutely delicious
22. Eating all-you-can-eat sushi and not feeling sick afterwards
23. Making bubble-tea
24. Old couples holding hands
25. Hot dads with their baby and dog
     (Story time! I was out for a run the other day, and this dog came out of nowhere and jumped on me, and then this hot dad with his baby came around the corner on the trail and he apologized for his dog interrupting my run and I told him it was okay, and then he apologized again and then told me to enjoy the rest of my run. I died.)