Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Room Half Empty (Not Half Full)

There was a room half empty (not half full).
It was dark.
I was standing in the middle of it hugging myself,
skin on skin comforting myself,
trying to fill up the space where my arms could no longer reach for.

And there lay a bed in the back corner.
A small corner filled with big secrets, 
secret's that were of other's further from my heart than you,
secret's I no longer want to keep tucked in.
But I guess that's better than hiding them under my pillow.

And on the other side of the bed was a window.
One that escapes out to a world where there are cars and people and problems bigger than mine.
But those problems compared to the storm that I was creating around myself seemed like a tiny raindrop; my tears were the downpour.

This is the room I created.
There is no escape route, no comfort, no you.
It is a void where you do not belong.
Just me, my thoughts, and this room half empty

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