Friday, July 19, 2013

The Dangerous Feeling

I have this feeling that I can easily explain.
It's the feeling when someone makes your heart race,
And your cheeks blush,
And your lips part,
And your teeth show,
And your palms sweat,
And your heart race,
And your chest tighten,
And your thoughts disappear
       (briefly or entirely),
And your eyes wander,
And your mind wonder,
And your heart race.
It's the feeling you can see the possibilities and feel the "what-ifs".
It's the feeling you can run your fingers through and catch the butterflies that land between each approximation of skin.
It's the feeling you can turn any song into a rejoice, no matter how much the lyrics are telling you to give into the reality of it all.

It's a fantastical world.

It's your world.

Where your heart is constantly racing,
And you can only hope that theirs is too.

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