Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...Degrassi Is Still On?

Degrassi is on.

I remember watching Degrassi all the time, it was the show to watch!
But then it got all weird, and they all went on to College and they got new kids and it's just not the same anymore.
On this episode, Paige's lesbian girlfriend got fired from her job. Tough blow.
Spinner proposed to that new girl Darcy (the one who went on a date with Paul the Intern that one time)... I think.
OMG, Darcy just went to something where Manny was, and they started talking about abstinence ( :O) and Manny said that Spinner and her have had sex before!
Oh man, it's getting juicy!

Commercial Break.

lesbian girlfriend is convincing Paige to skip class tomorrow, they are talking about having fun...?
Woooao, Darcy just called Manny a slut!
Now they're having a bitch fight!
Oh, spinner broke it up. Party pooper.
I forgot how horribly cheesy this show is.
Oh, I jinxed it. Spinner is becoming re-virginized for Darcy. CUTE!
Is that even a word, re-virginized?
wait, but now they are breaking-up.

Commercial Break.

Who's that kid? Oh, he's in the lesbians' house. AHAHA she just said she got hit by the "break-up express"! Good one, lesbo.
Wait... isn't Paige and Spinner brother and sister?!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but they just kissed!
Thank god the shows over, I don't know how much more of this crappy-ness I can take!

What a weird episode.

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  1. ...You better have PVRed this shit,
    I mean, Lesbians are my weakness and you know it.